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"Erika has a unique ability to create a safe and sacred space in her Nia classes, within which her students can play and grow. She is nurturing and grounded and committed to helping her students move toward wellness. You can feel the love and passion in her teaching."



"Erika has tremendous energy and enthusiasm which makes dancing with her pure joy. And, her compassion and nurturing spirit encourage and inspire students to explore, open, and grow in their Nia practice."












Emerge Movement

I'll never forget the thrill of my first Tap performance at age 5. From that moment on, my passion for the art of dance became an integral part of who I am. I went on to study Ballet, Modern, African Dance, and Jazz. Each form of movement tapped new wells of creativity and expression that profoundly shaped my outlook on the world. At the age of 25, I found Nia, which is a beautiful integration of Martial Arts, Dance Arts, and Healing Arts. I taught Nia classes and workshops for 17 years. As a psychotherapist, I have also trained in Mindfulness practices, emotional regulation and expression that very much informs my movement practice.

Emerge Movement is a totally unique experience because each class is based fully in the present moment. I create all my choreography in the moment based on the intersection of the energy that the group brings and flow of the music, allowing the movements to emerge.. Music playlists are fresh creations for each class that help students access movement variety through my playful and joyous approach.

Each Emerge class begins with the group conducting a body Inquiry, a contemplative practice of tuning into our bodies. The goal is to discover where our bodies are at in this moment. Next, a theme is introduced to bridge/inspire our mental and physical health as we move. Some themes are: playfulness, creativity, beauty, self-love, body acceptance, etc. Class ends with a return to a body inquiry where students observe what has emerged in their bodies and minds and those observations are shared aloud with each other.

Emerge Movement at Studio Sol:

Tuesdays: 9:00-10:00 AM
Thursdays: 9:00-10:00 AM
April 2 - June 7 (No class the week of April 30th)

Every third Monday 7 pm

Emerge Empower

As a Mental Health Therapist, I feel honored to hold space for people to examine the most intimate and profound parts of themselves. I think movement and dance offers another pathway for people to access their best and most full selves. Integrating the two, dialogue and mindful reflection with movement is the most embodied way to heal.

I created Emerge Empower as a format to offer these two modalities. This group structure combines dialogue and group process with movement and body connection. The focus of this model rotates - currently, I am offering a series for Sexual Abuse Survivors. The group is 10 weeks in duration and open to 8 women. We begin group with a group check-in that threads each week together. Next, I introduce the theme for the current group and I guide an Emerge Movement experience that allows us an opportunity to connect with this theme. Finally we have a group process/dialogue to share our experiences.

Please contact Erika directly to find out more about this group and for pre-screening.

Emerge Empower at Studio Sol:

Emerge Empower: Starting Sept., 2018 - Day/Time TBD

Hosting an Emerge event

Emerge Movement is a totally unique experience. Each class is based fully in the present moment. All the choreography is created in the moment based on the intersection of the energy of the group and the flow of the music, allowing the movements to emerge. Music playlists are fresh creations for each class that help students access movement variety through a playful and joyous approach. Emerge Movement is perfect for ladies gatherings, milestone events, conferences, and organization/company team building events. Emerge Movement events create group bonding, allowing your group to help craft the music experience and themes ranging from celebration, honoring a milestone, developing group trust, etc. To host an event at your site, contact Erika directly.

To host an event at Studio Sol:
1. Request a date and time.
2. Payment of $100 is required to secure your class. A detailed payment amount will be dependent on the size of the group.
3. Studio Sol maximum participants is 12 people.

Studio Sol address:
3500 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. Suite 200 (entrance on Fremont - walk upstairs)
Portland, OR 97212

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